From our own vineyards….

please open here below all product sheets of our wines in .pdf downloadable format.

Merlot Bianco.pdf
Our original and very appreciated blanc de noir, made of the pulp of red Merlot berries. An almost unique wine in the world, strong and elegant on its perfumes and taste, suited to accompany rich dishes.

Pinot Grigio Ramato ( blush )
Fermented after a light maceration of skins, extracting its classical coppery color together with some soft tannins. A well rounded wine suited to accompany the whole meal

Sauvignon superiore.pdf
With limited yields per hectare, it is an elegant superior dry white wine, very typical for its varietal perfumes and surprising for its smoothness at the same time.

Pinot Grigio superiore.
The classical world famous white wine from our region, with high quality standards thanks to a limited production per hectare

Friulano. pdf
The most known indigenous wine from Friuli, friendly companion of toasts and discussions at the counters of all pubs in our region.

Ribolla Gialla.pdf
From our new vineyards a dry still wine for summer. (Note that Ribolla Gialla is more common as a sparkling wine)

Refosco dpr
Brought to Aquileia at the times of Ancient Romans, it is now the flag of indigenous red wines in Friuli.

Produced in Friuli since more than 100 years, it has been for decades the most popular red wine of our region for its powerful elegance. Suited to every occasion

Aquileia is the only DOC in Friuli with a rosato wine; a fresh drink in summer time and a sophisticated companion of several light dishes.

Fior di Rosa
With indigenous grapes of Moscato Rosa, a light demi-sec to be discovered as a pleasant final surprise.