When talking about Tocai, first thing coming to mind is always the old dispute between Hungarian Tokaji and Tocai Friulano. It doesn’t really matter, as the only affinity between the two wines is in their name: but the first one refers to a location, while the second one is linked to the vine. By European law, geographical names have priority, and therefore the old Tocai Friulano must now be called Friulano only, in order not to confuse the consumer.
The fact remains that this wine is so deeply rooted and identified with the territory, tradition and culture of Friuli, that its “aficionados” continue, and will continue, to call it Tocai.
Elegant, with a high factor of uniqueness, this wine fully reflects the character of our region. Cold winds from the East bringing high temperature changes between day and night in the summer are responsible of its typical aromas.

East wind,
moving the grass,
trampled by horses
of invading armies,
you brought that ballad
from beyond the mountains
and those perfumes
of spring herbs
down to the grape bunches
still kissed by sun
in a late summer.
And a deep joy
in front of the fireplace
that only remains
to us.


MERLOT BIANCO goes live from Clauiano!

This is for all our old and new English speaking contacts scattered around the world: Giovanni Foffani went live on air some days ago from Clauiano, and spoke about Merlot Bianco.  Join the producer and get to know the special Blanc-de-noir from red merlot grapes! This wine is successfully present on several foreign markets thanks…

Degustazione da Foffani’s: confronti in singolar tenzone!

C’è aria di Degustazione, da Foffani. E non di una Degustazione qualunque! Sabato 20 e Domenica 21 Giugno 2020 dalle 17.30 alle 19.30 la rivista specializzata QB ha convocato i Winelovers Qbisti, che si ritroveranno all’Antico Cantinone di Clauiano per conoscere e confrontare in singolar tenzone i nostri Pinot Grigio Friuli (ramato) e il classico…

Wines made in Italy, with love …

… and delivered directly to you: high-quality, certified italian wines,  (since 1789!) from a family managed farm! Buy directly from the Foffani vineyards in Friuli (north-eastern part of Italy) straight to your door! We (https://foffani.it) have been making wines from our own vineyards since many generations and always had a close relationship with our customers….

Nachhaltige Weine, mit Liebe gemacht …

… und direkt zu Ihnen nach Hause geliefert! Beste Weinqualität aus einem historischen Weinkeller das seit 1789 Weine produziert.  Foffani ist: – FAMILIE: wir machen Wein seit 1789, unser Haus ist ein historisches Gebäude mit Weinkeller. Wir sind im Herzen Friauls, im Nordosten Italiens. – NACHHALTIGKEIT: ab 2018 ist unser Weingarten als nachhaltig zertifiziert, sowie…


I grappoli di viti giovani di Refosco sono i primi ad andare in fiore

From Italy to your door

From Italy to your door, estate bottled wines (since 1789!) from a family managed farm in Friuli. Buy directly from the Foffani vineyards in Friuli straight to your door in the US. We (https://foffani.it) have been making wines from our own vineyards since many generations and always had a close relationship with our customers. We…

Macchia, il maestro, e le margherite

Tutto sotto controllo: lavori in vigna, tosatura del prato in giardino e crescita dei fiori. ( chi è il padrone di casa? )

I tralci crescono veloci

Gestione del vigneto in sostenibilità ambientale e senza diserbanti. Tra poco inizierà la fioritura dei grappoli. Giornate umide, senza sole


DREI MERLOTS in drei unterschiedlichen Farben? Ja, es gibt sie, und WIR HABEN SIE.  Der Merlot ist ein Klassiker mit gutem Körper, und passt hervorragend zu Fleisch und Käse. Nun gibt es auch den ROSATO  2019 (Rosé aus 100% Merlot-Trauben), jung, frisch und sehr angenehm, und natürlich unseren berühmten Merlot Bianco (der weisse Merlot). Drei…


Tre merlot di tre colori diversi? Sì, esistono. Il Merlot è un vino che ha molti fans, grazie alla sua bella struttura e il carattere elegante.  Oggi puoi moltiplicare per tre il piacere di bere Merlot: noi ce l’abbiamo IN TRE COLORI! Tre colori, tra anime diverse e infinite possibilità di abbinare il tuo vino…