Wine tourism. An ancient bourgeois house with internal exclusive gardens in a well-preserved rural context. Inside, quiet surroundings with memories of the past where life flows slowly. Outside, life runs impatiently.
Ring the bell, be welcome!

A walk in the large and bright garden has a calming effect and induces to better use your senses: look, discover, listen to anecdotes and stories of mosaics, enjoy the wine perfumes, taste it, have a snack of local meats and cheeses. This is wine tourism.
In warm seasons we welcome tourist coaches for wine tastings and snacks served in the courtyard. Casa Foffani, Historic Home with Cellar, is a small world that comes to life and opens itself from spring to autumn. The garden ends where the vineyard begins. And there the “magical” plants absorb the elements, speak with rain, wind, summer evening breezes, storms … and then fog and snow. They absorb sky and sun and their grapes faithfully tell these stories.


A special visit by Gianfranco Vissani, who came to taste our Merlot Bianco – LINEA VERDE ORIZZONTI, RAI 1

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