The old house
welcomes me
with a bunch of stars
beyond the clouds,
and its garden full of leaves in June.
Need of rest,
as my mind is tired
of everyday’s struggle
and wants to stop
to think quietly.

Clauiano, 1980

Reception. In Foffani’s small world in Clauiano you will find wine, culture, music and much more. The garden, with lawn of blue forget-me-not or white daisies in Spring, a river of lilac iris in May, ancient and flourishing pink and yellow roses, the old pear tree, several large historic trees, the incredible natural artwork of the centenary wisteria with its lilac flowers. Beyond the garden the vineyard with its real and different stories every year, every new harvest.
Just by stepping in visitors can breathe the air of the past and be part of our world.

Giovanni Foffani,  Clauiano 1980

TASTINGS: During a visit to the winery we explain in detail our terroir and the vineyards, production techniques, the characteristics of our wines and the peculiarity of a vintage. Each bottle has its own personality.

WINE TOURISM: In our two courtyards, between the ancient walls, you can breathe history and culture. A tour in the large garden makes you deeply use your senses: look, discover, listen and than taste our wines. A visit to the exhibition “The Colors of Wine” also cannot be missed.

GROUP HOSPITALITY: In warm season we offer reception to tourist coaches for wine tasting and snack in the courtyard, in cold or rainy weather inside our Cantinone. A tour with explanation around the winery, the garden and our artistic exhibitions complete the visit. Purchase of our wines is always available.

B & B CASA ANTICA MOSAICI: In the small “tower” of the old house two cosy bed rooms with bathrooms , a small equipped kitchen and a separate living room on ground floor overlooking the garden compose the apartment offered in our reception. The rooms may also be reserved separately for B&B treatment, with breakfast served in the living room on ground floor.

GARDEN AND HISTORIC HOUSE: The Foffani complex witnesses both bourgeois and rural traditions. The house and the winery buildings are surrounded by a large garden, full of flowers and ancient trees.

WINE MOSAICS ANF FABRICS: by Luca Missoni, fashion designer, and Giulio Candussio, Director of Scuola dei Mosaicisti di Spilimbergo. Visit this absolutely unique artistic representation of wine.


ANTHROPOSOPHY MARGHERITA GABRIELLI: Visit the complete anthology of Margherita Gabrielli (1916 – 2007), painter and philosopher, gifted with natural talent and deep sensitivity. She completes her personal and artistic cycle with appreciated works inspired by Rudolf Steiner

GRAND PIANO: Our grand piano (Boston, Steinway mechanics) played in case of concerts or events, is also available for musician guests of our B&B Casa Antica Mosaici

EVENTS AND CULTURE : In summer, reception at Casa Foffani means a full calendar of events: artistic aperitifs, theatre, concerts, musical improvisations, open gardens, exhibitions, romantic nights and more.

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