Through his production of high quality estate wines, Giovanni Foffani follows and renovates the old family agricultural tradition, in conjunction to the development of his artistic approach to business and life.
Giovanni supervises all technical operation, while Elisabetta, Woman of Wine, takes more care of reception and hospitality. The business team is also composed of their sons Guglielmo and Lorenzo as well as Massimiliano Vecchiato (vineyard and cellar) and Nicoletta Gottardo (administration and commercial support).


Any good agricultural activity is the expression of man’s consciousness about conservation of biodiversity, This was definitely true in the past, when the countryside was looking like a huge garden with fields cultivated with seasonal crops.

In agriculture, science must be used carefully, as the use of inappropriate protocols may generate dangerous imbalances in the countryside and to the man himself. Today, the most rational answer seems to be integrated environmental protection, which helps nature to maintain its balance by minimizing and differentiating external interference.


Production of wine is not separated from aesthetics in general, that may be seen here like the measure of an optimal balance between ingenuity and nature. Our exhibition “The Colors of Wine” in the old barn on the first floor is an aesthetic synthesis of our production activity and represents this way our identity

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