Blanc de noir: dry white wine from red Merlot grapes



Our Merlot Bianco always comes from our own vineyards of red Merlot, the same that would be normally vinified red. Production of Merlot Bianco and red Merlot are separate
We comply to the SQNPI protocol for environmental respect and biodiversity,  limiting  to a minimum the use of chemical fertilizers and fungicides, with a particular care to the protection of bees.


Merlot grapes are picked up at full ripeness from our vineyards closest to the cellar, with a special care to avoidance of color extraction from the skins, and quickly delivered for destemming.
Before entering the press, the berries are refrigerated in a long tube in counter-stream with very cold water from the drill, to prepare for future forced oxygenation


Just after pressing, Merlot Bianco juice still remains a bit rosé. But this residual pink is fine tuned and overruled with a process of macro-oxygenation at low temperature before fermentation.
This is the most challenging phase of the vinification process, for the attention and the energy consumption required.



After fermentation, Merlot Bianco in given a few months of batonage sur lies, before natural decanting in winter.
Bottling in spring proposes to us an original wine, sophisticated and parfumé, appreciated as excellent by the major wine guides ( 2 glasses Gambero Rosso ) exported successfully to several world markets in Europe and overseas.
A good companion of spicy dishes, as well as sushi and oysters. Open product sheet