Agosto 29 2017


premio riviera cabernet

Cabernet Sauvignon 2006: patience is everything

Last week our Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 got an important Award: it is now the Best Red Wine of the entire Friuli Riviera.

PATIENCE IN THE END TAKES IT ALL, AND WINS. It took 11 years to achieve ripeness, but now it’s official. We have to honor him in some way…. but calling him what?

I’m going to call him “Professor”

Let’s start from the very beginning: summer 2006 yielded extraordinary red wines in our region, obviously all completely sold out in the last years. Professor Cabernet took his own time to ripen and mature in the barrels. Nobody could convince him to do it faster. Stubborn guy.

A SLOW red garnet colour.

When you have a bottle of Professor Cabernet to open, you instinctively slow down and go silent, and focus on the task: something in the bottle calls for respect and devotion.
No disco noise, no chatter. It’s only the inner yourself and this SLOW red garnet colour.
Wait a couple of hours. His perfumes need a little time to wake up after such a long bottle sleep, like a Sleeping Beauty coming to life again. First comes the black pepper and gently hits your nose. Marmelades follow: prunes, cherries, blackberries. Wood scents are elegant and moderate, after more than two years spent by the Professor in tonneaux of Allier.

Time and patience are the key factors.

Awards are not only for super-macho-wines, what is takes to win is character and the right attitude, not muscles. Our Professor has a medium and gentle body and is a proof that with the right traits you win.

Asked about what really matters, Professor answered: “You have to become the best possible version of yourself”.
Don’t know if he was speaking about wine, or about humans.

He is a real wise guy indeed, and fully deserves his award. We are very proud to have grown him this way.

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