Giugno 1 2016



500 cc bottle


Moscato Rosa offers new fascinating feelings.

Moscato Rosa is so different from other wines, that it must be a matter of something magic. It is a soft wine that you can drink on special occasions, bring to someone as a present with its nice gift box, enjoy both as an aperitif or a desert wine or even accompany blue cheeses.

In all cases, tasting and drinking is a surprising emotion.  We dear to say that a fairy has selected this wine for its straight simplicity, yet also for its extremely elegant and sophisticated bouquet.

More than the technical features , what matters are the feelings of the drinker. Lightness,  sweetness  as well as surprise and desire for easiness and fun.

Very light cherry colour, soft body and no tannins. A typical product of Friuli, South Tirol as well as Croatia. It should not be confused with the popular Moscato spumante  made in Piedmont, cheap and sweet and with low alcohol.

moscato-rosa and and its gift box

Moscato Rosa and its gift box

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